African wisdom is reclaiming its place as the key to unlocking a sustainable future

Our bold ambition is to take "The Village" to a town in every city!

African storytelling events are becoming a great medium to bring people together and promote the “ubuntu” philosophy.

In ancient African societies, a person with ubuntu was considered to be enlightened and manifesting the highest expression of being human. Ubuntu means to be human is to recognize others’ humanity too, or, I am, because you are.

When you envision storytelling events, you likely imagine individuals immersed in the act of reading poems or performing slam texts, with a focus on their vocal delivery. However, African wisdom storytelling introduces a circular sustainability element to the art of gathering people together and reshaping narratives for a future-proof world deeply rooted in the “ubuntu philosophy.”

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that has evolved over time. In Africa, storytelling dates back to ancient times when oral traditions were used to pass on history and culture from one generation to another.

In African culture, storytelling goes beyond mere entertainment; it is a way of life. It holds a significant role in shaping the mindset of children, as it is passed down by the wisdom keepers and elders. Through storytelling, knowledge, history, and culture are transmitted from one generation to the next. Moreover, it fosters the development of critical thinking skills, which prove invaluable in making decisions and solving problems later in life.

At Bokobokids, we believe in the power of storytelling to shape a child’s mindset, promote emotional intelligence, and empower them to thrive and flourish sustainably as individuals and as valuable members of society.

Our Bokobokids live events provide an immersive experience for children to learn about African wisdom. They are carefully designed to promote mental, physical, and nutritional health, creativity, and an abundance mindset.

We recently collaborated with the non-profit organization “Loulou and Nani” to raise funds for building a school in Conacry-Guinée. Children and parents were enchanted with an immersive experience inside the heart and soul of the Ubuntu community!We believe that the future of the world depends on the health and well-being of children. It will take a global village to raise a global child!

Our bold ambition is to take “The Village” to a town in every city!

Stay tuned!

Bokobokids live event in Geneva.

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