Bokobokids in Groningen

On a beautiful day in May, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Bokobokids village was bursting with color at the Widar Vrijeschool in the northern province of Groningen, in The Netherlands.

Bokobokids in Genève

We collaborated with the non-profit organization “Loulou and Nani” to raise funds for building a school in Conacry-Guinée.

Bokobokids x Tanzania Cultural Day

Bokobokids’ stall became a hub of profound and meaningful discussions, attracting children and adults who were enchanted by the initiative to instill African ancient wisdom and knowledge in children.

Entrepreneurs + Mother

Bokobokids Loom Madrid

The event had a debate format, open with public interaction. It was a relaxed moment to talk about entrepreneurship with impact and entrepreneurial mothers.