Balafon Music at Bokobokids

Geneva, Switzerland
Pass. de Saint-François 4, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
January 14, 2024
- 12:00 Local Time
Ioanna Poignand
Live music, Storytelling


Join us for the Bokobo Village experience! Our inclusive, interactive and immersive activities based on African Ancient Wisdom. Through this experience our children get the chance to develop their curiosity by discovering authentic tales from Africa, fostering their creativity, and sense of belonging through traditional African stories.

Besides our storytelling session we will provide a nice workshop designed around our five core pillars: Mental health, Physical health, Nutritional health, Creativity and Wealth as abundance!

This workshop will be good for your mental health and creativity as it will be a Balafon music workshop. The Balafon is one of Africa's well known music instruments. The sound is very calming and meditative. This workshop will be provided by our special guest Educafon (read more about them on their website

Join us for this wonderful workshop! Bring your children, friends and family :)

About this Event

What a wonderful event this was! There were enough Balafon instruments for the children to try out! Our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful music instructors of Educafon (

As they say, a picture speaks a thousands words. What would it be for a video. See and feel for yourself :) Enjoy and hopefully we see you at our next event!