Bokobokids at Midsummer Festival

Groningen, The Netherlands
June 17, 2023
- Local Time
Phoebe Darmowiredjo
Food Selling, Storytelling, Village
Infusing The Magic of Storytelling at the Summer festival in Groningen!


The Netherlands is often referred to as the "Kingdom for Children" due to its reputation for being child-friendly and prioritizing the well-being and rights of children. Several factors contribute to this perception:

Dutch cities prioritize children's well-being with excellent education, ample parks, a cycling culture, and safe paths, while also providing child-friendly facilities and maintaining a safe environment.

That is why our stories are translated and narrated in Dutch, bringing joy to our community! Bokobokids, the village is dedicated to children, to assist parents in fostering the Ubuntu philosophy and rituals for their well-being and empowerment. In the Netherlands as well!

About this Event

Within the enchanting realms of the “zummer festival feest”, parents, grandparents, and elders from all walks of life gathered to participate in our storytelling workshops. The atmosphere was infused with a palpable sense of love and togetherness, where the beats of African drums intertwined with the mellifluous sound of wisdom shared by Phoebe, one of our team members and a budding storyteller. As the story of Madiba and the Magic Tree unfolded, the "villagers" were transported to a place where languages are unified and connections are formed beyond words.

A young father hailing from Gambia approached our team with sheer delight. Having listened intently to the tales, he discovered that we were serving Baobab juice—a drink reminiscent of his youth in Gambia. Memories flooded his mind as he vividly recalled the joy of sharing this refreshing beverage with loved ones around the iconic Baobab tree. His radiant face mirrored the memories in his eyes, witnessed by his wife Lotte and their beautiful son Hakim Jan.

Our deepest wish for children within our village of Bokobokids, is to experience a beautiful day of Agape, blending the splendor of diversity with the soulful essence of African culture. Recognizing that it takes a village to raise a child, our aim is to meet families where they are, both within our online platform and in physical locations in various countries around the world.

Our deep devotion to children and commitment to community infuses our stories with guided by the wisdom of revered African elders.

Bokobokids is a beacon of hope, reminding us of the enduring power of storytelling and the richness of African ancient wisdom. Through our nomadic village, we strive to inspire children, reconnect parents with their cultural heritage, transform consciousness and foster unity among diverse communities worldwide. By embracing the legacy of our ancestors, we envision a future where the wisdom keepers of today pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.