South African Gumboot Dance at Bokobokids

Genève, Switzerland
December 10, 2023
- 12:00 Local Time
Ioanna Poignand
Diwele Molale Lubi
Dance Workshop


Bokobo Village will present as usual a storytelling session, the story will focus on generational transmission and history around apartheid.
Next to that, the children and parents can participate in an inclusive and interactive workshop. Physical health, as one of our educational pillars will be implemented through this South African gumboot dance!

Diwele Molale Lubi shall showcase and explain how he communicates through dance with Gumboots. In the meanwhile you will learn more about the rich history of South Africa!

Diwele Molale Lubi, of South African origins, is a choreographer, dance artist and much more! He grew up in a township during the times of apartheid. Diwele got involved in traditional dances, music and at an early age, it was through theater-dance that Diwele found a commitment allowing him to deal with social issues such as alternative healing, the “cosmic” world, traditional African rhythms and dances. He therefore set up to investigate the relevance of the traditional African beliefs in our modern society.

Join us for another wonderful experience together. Bring your children, friends and family :)