The Legend of the Dogons at Bokobokids

Genève, Switzerland
Pass. de Saint-François 4, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
November 19, 2023
- 12:00 Local Time
Ioanna Poignand
History, Storytelling, Time machine workshop


Join us for the Bokobo Village experience! Our inclusive, interactive and immersive activities based on African Ancient Wisdom. Through this experience our children get the chance to develop their curiosity by discovering authentic tales from Africa, fostering their creativity, and sense of belonging through traditional African stories.

Besides our storytelling session we will provide a nice workshop designed around our five core pillars: Mental health, Physical health, Nutritional health, Creativity and Wealth as abundance!

The workshop for this day will be on discovering the Dogons. Where we will watch a short documentary film together. Learn about Africa's history, in this special case the Dogons!

Furthermore we will organize a creative workshop for the children where they can draw their own map of the sky! Guided by one of our own Bokobo villager and creative and kind soul: Ioanna Poignand!


About this Event

After a nice storytelling session and history lesson on the Dogons, the children were very inspired and given the chance to express their full creativity regarding the topic on the Dogons. Take a look yourself! Hopefully you can take part in our future events!