Bokobokids Loom Madrid

Entrepreneurs + Mother

LOOM Salamanca
Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz, 38, 28001 Madrid, Spain
July 6, 2023
- 21:00 Local Time
Susana Bokobo, Reina-Flor Okori, , Phoebe Darmowiredjo
The event had a debate format, open with public interaction. It was a relaxed moment to talk about entrepreneurship with impact and entrepreneurial mothers.


Entrepreneurship + Women + Mother + Social Impact: an impossible equation?

This event is an opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas between entrepreneurs, investors, institutions and all those who are interested in joining forces for the creation of more inclusive and diverse ecosystems.

Participating in the event were:

Susana Bokobo, Reina Flor Okori, Wakani Hoffman and Phoebe Dearmowiredjo from Bokobokids Village, an innovative and empowering startup that uses African ancestral wisdom to promote inclusive children's education and entertainment.

Izanami Martinez of Soulgate, is an inspiring multi-faceted woman: mother, anthropologist, author, entrepreneur, who after a path of achievements and challenges, decided to realign her life to pursue her purpose.

Angelica Pimentel, the visionary behind POiN, a project that uses citizen data to improve child well-being and build more inclusive and sustainable cities. Plus fabulous plans for families :)

Ana Lozano Portillo, from Valenthia Strategy & Nidus Lab, a pioneer in the use of AI to optimally design public residential projects, driving the #proptech ecosystem and digitalisation in the RE sector.

This event is aimed at entrepreneurs and investors looking to immerse themselves in innovative projects with a strong social impact.

About this Event

The event had a debate format, open with public interaction. It was a relaxed moment to talk about entrepreneurship with impact and entrepreneurial mothers.

The event began with a welcome from Climbspot and a presentation of the speakers and their projects. In our case, Bokobokids team highlighted that we bring the experience of an ancient African village through stories based on the wisdom of Ubuntu: we organise events that recreate an ancient African village with storytelling, face painting, dancing, food and drink tastings, and we sell ebooks, audiobooks and merchandising products.

The Bokobokids village is a living place where all children are welcome. More importantly, it is a place where communities are formed through bonds of Ubuntu love where we mirror each other’s humanity and accept our differences as the source of our strength.

We are Bokobokids and we are on a mission to take the village wherever children are.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it will take a Bokobokids village to raise the next generation of global citizens.

Some conclusions were the following: Being women and mothers moves us to work harder in our projects because we are very aware of the legacy we leave for the next generations of girls and women. We are proof that it is possible to be an entrepreneur and a mother.

We also highlight the difficulties: lack of finance, lack of confidence in our projects because "men are judged by their potential, women by the goals they have achieved”.

Despite all the obstacles we are all “alive and kicking”