South African Potjiekos at Bokobokids

Geneva, Switzerland
Villa Freundler, Pass. de Saint-François 4, 1205 Genève, Zwitserland
February 11, 2024
- 12:00 Local Time
Ioanna Poignand
Diwele Molale Lubi
Food Workshop, Storytelling


Join us once again for the amazing and inclusive experience at Bokobo Village in Geneva.  As usual we will have a nice storytelling session where the children and their parents can listen to one of our wonderful stories!

This time we will also focus on the beautiful country of South Africa. Ioanna, one of our Bokobo villagers, will be your loving host! She has lived for several years in South Africa and will share one of her favourite dishes with you, the Potjiekos!

In South Africa, the Potjiekos or "small-pot food", is a dish prepared outdoors. It is traditionally cooked in a round, cast-iron three-legged cauldron the potjie. 

We are looking forward to share these experiences and nice recipe with you! Bring your children, friends and family :)

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