If it takes a village to raise a child.

As parents, educators and keepers of ancient African knowledge and wisdom, we are on a mission to help afro descendant kids worldwide inherit, use and pass down knowledge about who they, who their ancestors are, and what their heritage means in the modern, global society.

We are invested in helping children learn how to tap into their inner joy, to flourish and own their rich heritage through authentic storytelling.

Joining the Bokobokids movement means joining a welcoming community of like-minded families who desire to empower children with indestructible tools and resources to promote inner well being.

All our Bokobokids families have access to products and learning resources that have been carefully selected to promote well being through our unique five pillars:

  1. Nutritional health- we promote nutritional and sustainable health through stories and recipes from ancient African Wisdom.
  2. Mental health- we promote wellness as a communal action through stories of ubuntu in action.
  3. Physical health- we promote movement through traditional African dance and games that spark joy and laughter and bring children outdoors.
  4. Wealth as health- we promote wealth as a reciprocal process through stories of shared resources to build sustainable communities.
  5. Creativity as health- we support creative expression through art and crafts that reconnect children to their inner nature.

Bokobokids stories range from picture books for younger children aged 3-10 years old. These books are presented in different media ranging from hard copies to videos.

We also offer music, dance, curated art, recipes, and host Bokobokids festivals in different cities worldwide to gather in person and learn from wisdom keepers.

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