March 28, 2024
Stories of Diversity: Diwele Molale

Wise lessons from my mom.

“Radio sans chaine” website and podcast  is Welcoming Bokobokids African wisdom stories series as host
"Radio sans chaine" is setting a new goal of making storytelling for children an “on Air” experience in Geneva. We are proud to announce that we are joining “QueenD” and her team  on the road to deliver Africa’s greatest stories for children. Based in Geneva, la radio sans chaine, shines in the heart and mind
Stories of Diversity: Vera Hoffman


Stories of Diversity: Victor Aneleh

Join Our Team: Passionate Illustrator + Layout Designer for African Children’s Books!

Stories of Diversity: Kevin Makendengue

Stories of Diversity: Laxmi Easwaran

Stories of Diversity: Ioanna Poignand

Stories of Diversity: Reina-Flor

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Bokobokids Village in The Netherlands

African wisdom is reclaiming its place as the key to unlocking a sustainable future

The Story of Boki

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