Khoi-Khoi - The wisdom of the south





Khoi-Khoi The wisdom of the south

This is the story of what happened once to Khoi-Khoi and the lesson his father taught him. His tracking ability was beyond understanding, the boy could read and trace animal footprints from the time it passed to the type, size and viciousness of the animal. He learnt the time of the day at an early age and could tell the moods of all the moons of the year. Khoi-Khoi Ngwanalesarwa was actually a nickname given to him by the people of Umlindi Weziginzimo in honour of his people, the KhoiSan.

Written by Diwele Molale Lubi
Illustrated by Lebogang Moabi

Creativity, Curiosity, Wisdom


About this book

“Khoi Khoi: The Wisdom of the South” is a tale rooted in the ancient wisdom of Africa, written by Diwele Molale Lubi, a South African specialist in performance art, and an academic specializing in the philosophy of Ubuntu.. Unfolding, the narrative delves into the roots of Ubuntu philosophy, taking readers on an exploration of interconnectedness and shared humanity.
The book serves as a conduit for the oral tradition passed down by African ancestors, delving into themes of peaceful resistance, resilience, and the timeless essence of unity.

“Khoi Khoi” is not just a story; it is a cultural exploration and a reminder of our common heritage. Its aim is to inspire both children and adults with the wisdom embedded in African narratives.

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