La leyenda del primer arcoíris

The legend of the first rainbow has its origins in Botswana.

The original story, as we have told it, is a little complicated because it is the story of the first rainbow told within another story, within a story told by a grandmother to her grandchildren. At the end of the story, they are encouraged to go on an adventurous trip to the local market, where they try to carry out a science experiment using local produce in the colours of the rainbow. This story encourages all children to be curious, imaginative and to dream big.

Creativity, Curiosity, Emotions, Solidarity


About this book

Thumela, Naledi, and Laone gathered around Mama. With a heart full of stories, and a totem in her hand, she cleared her throat “Ahem ahem”, and began telling the children this story. There was a little girl called Mfuu. Mfuu’s aunt told her a story about a pot of gold, found at the end of a rainbow. Mfuu was curious about that pot. “Did the pot contain gold coins? Or lumps of black rocks?” she wondered. Mfuu looked up to the sky and imagined she would get the answer if she stared long enough. She smiled at the birds, flying above, and wondered how the gold got inside the pot. She longed for a rainbow, to see which end would have the pot. (…) “Tell me about the hidden pot of gold,” Mfuu pleaded. Mfuu’s auntie chuckled at her excitement, and began telling her the story. “There was a little boy called Ndoto, who brought the colors of the rainbow to the land of Tonota.” she began. “For a long time, people in Tonota only knew the green of the plants and the brown of the soil. But Ndoto had vivid dreams of clouds in glorious colors. He told Nkusi, the elderly chief of the tribe, about his dreams. And he said ‘if you can name the colors, I can bring them to life’.

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