Stories of Diversity: Diwele Molale

Wise lessons from my mom.

The Power of Chants

The story that is most relevant from my mother and into my life today is the one that you have to respond to her chants.

We asked her why we should always chant [just want to hear the story and sleep]. She explained that everything that we are, visible or invisible are all in vibrations. Chanting brings a sense of Unity and generates vibrations that creates greater connection with oneself, the world and the Universe.

Mind Revolution: Forging Fearless Agreements

I believe everything I am and have been so far has to do with my mind-reprogrammation, changing all my indoctrination.

Designing and making new agreements, new beliefs, new ambitions. Agreements based on Peace of mind, fearlessness and humility. As my mum always reminded me:

“It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice“.

Agreements that grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and, and wisdom to know the difference.

Being the Master of my fate, The captain of my soul.

Rhythmic Living and Embracing Ubuntu Vibes

In every sense my approach to every aspect in my life especially teaching and learning is largely based on the  rhythm and awareness of our inner vibrations. We are aware that external energies have a massive impact on our internal energy level.

With Dancing and chanting or any rhythmic activity including walking, reading, talking or breathing it is a lot easier to develop the vibrations that creates greater connections within oneself, the world and the universe. Ubuntu way living shows very clearly an awareness of other things around except our own selves.

Ubuntu simply means I am because you are, the main elements are those of forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration of human dignity and justice.

The power of African storytelling

What’s your story?

Our personal stories are a powerful tool. It’s why we dedicated an entire panel session to the topic at Bokobokids. That is  why we invited people to explore their own journeys around African culture. In sharing our experiences, we can inspire and activate others.

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Do you also have African wisdom to share? We are looking forward to reading yours next!
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